No two businesses are exactly alike. So, no two cost containment solutions can be similar. A cost containment solution that works for one company won’t necessarily work for another.

Today, employers face a wave of challenges...

Help you limit or reduce your spending, so your business stays within a specific budgetary limit. We offer a wide range of healthcare and benefit-cost containment solutions and strategies for you to choose from. From health savings accounts to shifting costs to employees and helping you make changes to coinsurance or offering virtual care – we can help you with all that and more. We advise you on the best cost containment solutions for your business without compromising on care.

We consider...

Your geography, industry, size of your workforce, the general health of your workforce population, as well as the health of your business and the economy before we make suggestions.We also make use of the UBA Health Plan Survey – the largest in the country.

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Increased employee engagement leads to better access to care, which, in turn, impacts your claims and your employees out of pocket expenses.


Let us help you manage your benefits administration tasks with our easy-to-use resources.


UBA Florida serves as a single point of contact for all employee benefit issues.